A first-person rat adventure

Short Description

Get on four paws in this first person rat adventure ! Will you become cheese hunter of the month or start the proletariat ratvolution ? Sniff, scratch, dig and learn new rodent skills as you progress through an interconnected world populated by memorable (and often scummy) characters.


  • First-person rat mechanics : Run on four paws, travel through pipes, detect odors, dig, climb walls, BE A RAT ;
  • Story rich action adventure : This game comes from the minds of a solodev and a novelist. The strengths of those two bozos combined make for a story rich script filled with action oriented gameplay ;
  • Utility-gated exploration of an interconnected world, with day-cycle system : Progress through the interconnected world by collecting gear and learning rodent abilities. A day cycle system, inspired by Zelda: Majora’s Mask, adds a layer of complexity to the player’s exploration and decision making;
  • Adult animated dark comedy : The rats look cute, and they sure are, but the complex and unforgettable characters of this game have to deal with sociopolitical issues and often use swear words and violence.



We tell each other stories in order to live. But are these stories passively describing our world as it is, or are they shaping our reality and feeding the power dynamics around us ? *Brain fart*/*Existential dread*

Inspired by the works of Michel Foucault, Paul B. Preciado and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, A Rat’s Life : The Cat Conspiracy is a story-rich first person rat adventure, with a touch of funny hihihi. Play as a working class rodent, and delve into a dystopian society populated by greedy business magnates, conspiracy nuts, revolutionary hackers and monsters. Something shady happened to your loved siblings who work for TERESAL, the cheese hunting empire of Ratatouille Rezos III, and only you can figure it out ! *Pressure*

Manage your schedule to go undercover and infiltrate TERESAL, while thwarting disturbing conspiracies. Escape from cats and fight smaller enemies. Gear up, learn new rodent abilities as you progress, and explore the interconnected map through the eyes of a rat.

A lot of rodents seem to think the end is near. Are they crazy or is a catastrophe on its way ?

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We are two siblings from Montreal, QC, who sports the same initials: J.G.B.

Jérémie is a solo game developer, who has previously released the short movie Modo Crasticot which was awarded by the Fantasia International Film Festival and the Festival international du cinéma d’auteur de Rabat.

Julien is a writer whose first two novels, Pas besoin d’ennemis (2022) and Vos voix ne nous atteindront plus (2019), were published by Héliotrope. Both books were well received by provincial newspapers and critics.